Two-time Super Bowl winner Ricky Proehl has been a Juice Plus+ customer (and later sales representative) for over a decade, having had something of a health epiphany towards the end of his highly successful American football career.

“I learned fairly late on that I needed to put the very best nutrients into my body.”

"That would give me the best possible chance of success.”

Ricky played 17 seasons with the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, St. Louis Rams, Carolina Panthers, and Indianapolis Colts. Following his retirement, Ricky was a coach for the Panthers and returned to the Super Bowl in 2016.

Ricky’s son Austin was a member of the LA Rams’ Super Bowl squad in 2018, while his other son Blake plays football for the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL.

Despite his huge success on the field as a wide receiver, Ricky has arguably made an even greater impact in retirement, for he created Proehlific Park, a multi-sports facility in his native Greensboro, North Carolina..

Every day, hundreds of children play a variety of sports and frequently have the opportunity to learn a lesson or two from Ricky. “I’m a very hands-on manager,” says Ricky. “I’d never ask anyone to do anything that I’m not willing to do myself. That includes cleaning the toilet.”

With this service mindset Ricky has directly touched the lives of literally thousands of children.

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